Allowing Employees to Check-in to shifts that aren’t rostered

Remote workforces, attendance monitoring and fast paced work environments may require staff to check-in to a shift that hasn’t been rostered.

The utilisation of GPS will allow you peace of mind that your employees are where they say they are.


  • Remote or Work from home Attendance Monitoring
    • Allow workers without fixed hours check-in and out of shifts as they begin and end their work day
  • Schedule Flexibility
    • Allow flexibility for “job” check-in for Cleaners, Tradesman etc.
  • Fast paced casual worker environments
    • Perfect for quick shift changes and for businesses where spare time for rostering is at a premium.

How it works

Employee’s are able to create and start a shift by clicking “New Shift” in the urhere mobile app. This will create an unscheduled shift which is clearly marked in your roster. This shift can then be treated as any other shift in the platform.

How to enable #

Step 1

Navigate to the System Configuration tab by clicking on Account > Settings from the top menu.

TIP: If you are a mutli-venue / multi-business client, ensure you are editing that right location via the “Location” drop down.

Step 2

Scroll to the “Allow employees to create and check-in to unscheduled shifts” option and set the “Unscheduled Shift Check-in” to “Allow”

Save the System Configuration by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Video Guide:

How Employee’s use this feature #

Once enabled, Employee’s will now have the “New Shift” option on the home screen of the urhere app.

Starting an Unscheduled Shift

Employee’s can simply click on the “New Shift” button, select the check-in method (GPS or QR).

We recommend using the GPS method – The QR method can only be used for venue’s displaying a urhere QR code.
  • GPS
    • The location of the employee will be recorded at the time of check-in and out.
  • QR Check-in
    • The employee must scan a Urhere QR code to check-in

See for more information.

Shift Details

Employee’s can add a note and select the “Work Area” of the shift.

Setting the appropriate work area can be useful for businesses such as trades, cleaners etc. that wish to use Work Areas as “Jobs” or “Clients/Customers.

Once the “Check-in” button has been tapped, the Employee will be checked-in using the selected method.

Viewing the Unscheduled Shift on the Roster

Like any other shift, the newly created shift will be available on your Roster / Schedule.

You may interact with this shift as you would with any other shift on the platform.

Viewing the GPS Check-in & Out

Click the “View” button in the GPS section of the shift editing screen.

This will launch a new window with a map and marker of the check-in (or out) location.

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