Document Storage & Uploading Documents against Employees

Urhere offers unlimited employee document storage.

This is the perfect place to store:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Vaccination Records
  • RSA & Other Compliance
  • General Employee Documents

Out of the box, your account is pre-configured with many different types of document categories. To add your own, learn more via the link below:

Uploading a Document #

Navigate to an employee’s profile & Click on the Document Store option.

To upload a document, simply click on the “Upload” button and fill out the form details.

Tip: Some attachment types will require an issue date, an expiry date or both. To edit this, go to Platform Settings > Attachment Types and update the attachment type.

Accessing Stored Documents #

To access stored documents, simply navigate to the Attachment section of the employee’s profile and click on “view” on the employee’s profile:

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