FAQ’s about using urhere

Can I use urhere for Online Rostering only? #

  • urhere is a full-featured Time and Attendance solution that allows you to decide which features you use, aligning with your operation, workforce and processes.
  • Online Rostering can be used as a stand-alone feature. Enabling you and your managers to create shifts, complete Rosters and share them instantly with your employees – either as a PDF document or via the urhere mobile App
  • To set up Online Rostering, refer to the quick step guide or signup to get started here
  • At any time, you have the option to adopt the eKiosk (Time Clock), Timesheet management and other features if and when it makes sense to your business.

Can I use urhere without an eKiosk (Time Clock)? #

  • urhere is a full-featured Time and Attendance solution that allows you to decide which features to use, aligning to your operation, workforce and processes.
  • The eKiosk is an online Time Clock App that accurately captures every staff start and finish times, then auto-generates timesheets and more.
  • The eKiosk is the engine for automation but it is not a requirement. Online Rostering can be used as a stand-alone feature. Employees start and finish times can be recorded and manually entered into urhere.  
  • To set up Online Rostering, refer to the quick step guide or signup to get started here
  • At any time, you have the option to adopt the eKiosk (Time Clock) and other features if and when it makes sense to your business.

What computer do I need to access urhere? #

  • urhere is a cloud-based solution, meaning you can access it on any connected device via a web browser.
  • For this reason, there are no specific hardware requirements to use urhere
  • Employees can access urhere via a mobile phone App via the Apple & Android Stores. Apple & Android may have specific hardware requirements to install the App.

Can I log out of urhere, remotely? #

  • urhere allows a user to remotely access and disconnect any login sessions. This can be helpful if you’ve left your computer on in the office and want to protect employees from accessing sensitive information.
  • Simply login on any device and go to Manage Account (under your user name in the top-right hand corner), go to browser sessions and select ‘logout other browser sessions’

Can I use a QR code for employee check-in and out? #

  • Yes! No need for an expensive tablet or laptop device that could potentially get damaged.
  • Android and Apple may have specific requirements to access the Store and App’s

What Tablet do I need to install the eKiosk? #

  • The urhere eKiosk App (Time Clock) is integrated with the urhere Mobile App, available on both Apple and Android Stores for free.
  • Android and Apple may have specific requirements to access the Store and App’s

How do managers access urhere? #

  • urhere has two levels of access
    1. Managers, and
    2. General Employees
  • Manages access urhere via the browser using any connected device. Login requires their email and password
  • Manager access allows them to create employees, shifts, Rosters, Pay Rules, view and edit Employee details and their respective wages
  • Any existing employee can be nominated to have manager permissions, using the Manage option in the Employee List
  • Any new manager can be added at any time, using Add Employee

How many managers can I have in urhere? #

  • There are no specific limits on the number of managers within urhere.

How do employees access urhere? #

  • Employees access urhere via the urhere mobile App
  • Employees do not have access to the Manager interface of urhere

What information do employees I have access to urhere? #

  • Employees have access to their shifts, information, Rosters and the eKiosk to check in and out.
  • Only managers can create shifts, edit and change settings and view wage information.

Do I need to give managers access to wage information? #

  • urhere is flexible, allowing you to choose the features and level of detail you want to incorporate in your operation.
  • Wage calculations by employee and Pay Rule setup are optional. Furthermore, you can choose to utilise time only, meaning you can benefit from all the automation of Rostering, eKiosk and Timesheets without any wages in the platform.

What are the different time records in the timesheet? #

  • Adjusted & Final Times are what are going to be exported.
  • Scheduled times are the times that were rostered
  • Actual times are the actual check-in and out times and cannot be edited. This is for audit purposes.

What are the different status of Shifts in urhere? #

  • The status of a Shift are:
    • Unpublished is for planning. Allowing the manager to build Rosters and Shifts without providing visibility to anyone
    • Published is for sharing. Instantly providing employees access to their Shifts, shared via the urhere mobile App.
    • Confirmed means accepted by the employee. Giving visibility to the manager when the employee accepts the shift
    • Rejected means the employee cannot work that shift. Giving visibility to the manager where they need to find a replacement staff member
    • Check-in means the schedule shift has started with the employee checking in at the eKiosk
    • Finished means the schedule is complete, either with an eKiosk check in and out or the manager confirming the start and finish times
  • Employees only have visibility of their shifts after they are published
  • Timesheets are auto-generated when a check-in occurs and displayed as ‘incomplete’; ‘new’ when a check-in and out is recorded.
  • Employees can check-in (and out) if there is no shift or the shift is unpublished.
    • If ‘unpublished’ a check-in duplicates a shift for that employee. As the eKiosk cannot link to a shift that in planning. If this happens, it is recommended the unpublished shift is deleted and the timesheet is finalised for the eKiosk created shift.
    • If no shift existing, the eKiosk will create a new shift and the platform will note ‘eKiosk’ generated.

What are the different status of Timesheets in urhere? #

  • The status of a Timesheet are:
    • Incomplete is a Timesheet for a Shift still in progress or simply does not have both a check-in and check-out time recorded.
    • New is a Timesheet for a completed Shift, one that has a recorded start and finish time.
    • Approved means the Manager has approved the Timesheet.
    • In Review means a previously approved Timesheet has been recalled for review. Using the ‘undo approval’.
  • Timesheets are visible to Managers but not visible to payroll or payroll platforms until an ‘export’ of the Timesheets has been completed.

How does urhere manage Breaks? #

  • Breaks are managed by apply a time value in minutes. This helps limit complexity, whilst providing a way to calculate and apply break amounts.
  • Breaks can be paid or unpaid and are calculated accordingly.
  • Unpaid breaks will be automatically dedicated from the time worked.

Can employees check-in for work without a schedule shift? #

  • Yes, uhere does not require a scheduled shift to existing for an employee to check-in.
  • If the employee checks-in and urhere cannot link to a published shift it will generate a new shift, capturing all the time records for the employee to enable the employee to be paid.
  • Note: an ‘unpublished’ shift is still in planning and treated as not existing. In this case the eKiosk will create a new shift with a check-in at the eKiosk. Resulting in two shifts for an employee visible in the Schedule. The unpublished shift can be removed in the Schedule to correct.

Why is a time clock check-in is duplicating a shift for an employee? #

  • urhere can generate a new Shift, if an employee checks-in without a scheduled shift
  • All shifts that are unpublished are treated as an unscheduled shift – it is still in the planning stage
  • The manager will then see both an unpublished shift and the eKiosk generated shift on the same day for an employee
  • To correct, the unpublished shift can be removed in the Schedule. Leaving the eKiosk shift to be flow through to Timesheet approval stage.

How can I see wages in the Shift? and Schedule? #

  • Wages are visible in the Shift, Schedule and across the platform for employees with Pay Rules set up
  • urhere will not display or calculate any wages for employees without the manager setting up the employee salary and wage rules
  • To set up wages refer to the ‘configuring employee wages and salaries’ guide

Why is there a timesheet for every Shift? #

  • urhere generates a timesheet instantly for any Shift with check-in record
  • This delivers flexibility to managers (and payroll) to review and approve timesheets as frequently as you want, from anywhere
  • This feature simplifies the process avoiding the bottlenecks associated with reviewing and approving all the Timesheets for the pay period as one batch
  • The other benefit for managers is the Timesheet status assists (in addition to the schedule status) to ensure staff check-out for every shift, in a timely manner. Reducing the manual input of missing time stamps or incorrect processing of payroll.

How does the Time Clock know who is checking in? #

  • The urhere eKiosk identifies the staff member checking in or out in a number of ways
    • Employees use their own unique four code PIN to check in and out. Enabling the platform to identify and accurately capture every time stamp for the respective employee
    • Employee use their own mobile phone and checking in or out by scanning the QR code on the eKiosk. This also identifies and accurately captures every time stamp for that employee.

Does urhere process payroll? #

  • No. urhere is a Time and Attendance platform. Helping automate and manage everything from Shift Planning to Timesheet Exporting and then connect time data with your chosen payroll system
  • urhere is not a payroll platform. urhere can easily connect with various Payroll processes and platforms 

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