FAQ’s about Online Rostering

How are online time and attendance different from traditional timeclocks and timecards solutions? #

Online solutions digitise and automate Time and Attendance. An alternative to the traditional time clocks and timecards which require manual entry and often the manual distribution of data records.

Online Time and Attendance leverage time data to deliver real-time information across all functions of the software. That software presents insights in components (eg. Schedule, Timesheets etc) that automatically integrate with your preferred payroll solution. This eliminates manual entry, errors, and guesswork. Replacing with real-time insights to improve productivity across the organisation. Online Time and Attendance stores detailed data in the system recording metrics like hours worked, ordinary versus overtime, cost centre allocations, break compliance and leave accruals all in real-time.

What timeclocks do online time and attendance use? #

Online Time and Attendance solutions offer a diverse range of time clock solutions. Customers no longer need to rely on dedicated punch card time clocks.

Today’s time clocks solutions provide secure check-in and out using interfaces like digital punch cards, magnetic swipe cards, QR codes, PINs, and biometrics such as fingerprints or facial recognition. Online Time and Attendance enables time clocks to always be up-to-date with data and allow customers to leverage existing assets and/or choose their own preferred devices with specifications aligned to their needs, offering the potential to reduce costs associated with the purchase, infrastructure, upgrades and maintenance.

Do online Time and Attendance have to use a time clock? #

Yes, the time clock is an interface that allows staff members to clock in and out. This can be done through any device (PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone and/or dedicated time clock interface). This provides businesses with the ability to reduce costs associated with purchasing, infrastructure set up, installation, upgrading and maintenance of dedicated time clocks.

What is a biometric time clock? #

Online Time and Attendance solutions can leverage a diverse range of time clock solutions and hardware. Biometric time clocks utilise hardware and accessory options to offer a biometric interface on the time clock. These enable check-in/out options like Fingerprint, Iris scanning, temperature checks and/or facial recognition. Time and Attendance relies on some time clock interface to capture and digitise time data. Customers can assess and choose Biometric options when selecting their preferred time clock devices.

Do Online Time and Attendance only work for hourly employees? #

Online Time and Attendance solutions are designed for all employee types. While Time and Attendance are critical for hourly workers to determine the respective payroll and entitlements of each shift. Many organisations are utilising Time and Attendance solutions to assist with other compliance and record-keeping requirements (regardless of employee type). Examples are unpaid overtime, future dispute records, audit requirements, break compliance, fatigue and stress monitoring.

In addition, Time and Attendance can help organisations report and manage workforce cost centres, forecasting and other cost allocations. Online Time and Attendance features like hours versus employee agreement, Leave, Reporting and Insights can also benefit businesses to centralise data that offer smarter decision-making and operational tools for all management.

How do Online Time and Attendance solutions integrate with payroll? #

Online Time and Attendance solutions are designed to integrate with your preferred payroll systems. Connecting timesheet data in a compatible form for payroll connection. This type of data connection removes manual processing, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining the payroll process. Online Time and Attendance solutions are designed to connect with most payroll systems. The specific requirements to export data are a normal part of the implementation and testing of any Time and Attendance solution.

How do Online Time and Attendance solutions manage paid time off? #

Online Time and Attendance solutions capture time data for when an employee working, on a break (paid and unpaid) and when they are on leave. The Leave solution within Online Time and Attendance manage unplanned leave (eg. sick, personal, absence) and planned leave (eg. annual leave, paid leave, long service leave). The Leave solution can also connect with payroll data to present leave balances. The Leave solution can also allow employees to submit leave requests, submit sick leave (attaching a certificate) and manage the required Leave approval process.

What business insights can Online Time and Attendance solutions provide my business? #

An Online Time and Attendance solution deliver real-time data that provide a diverse set of insights for planning, operationalising, forecasting and workforce requirement design. Day-to-day insights are delivered to help managers monitor attendance, late and absent staff. Activity notifications are delivered to managers in real-time. Allowing managers to take corrective action immediately to improve productivity.

Real-time data and insights are also helpful for other functions in a business. Online Time and Attendance data can help increase operational efficiency. Centralising workforce data, to help spend less time tracking down information and can focus on producing accurate and timely reports. Examples could be attendance data for COVID close contact tracing, evacuations and past incident follow-up.

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