Getting started rostering online is FAST and EASY with urhere!

In 3 easy steps, you'll have your whole team setup and timesheets ready!

Step 1. Sign up!

You get a free 14 day, no commitment trial with urhere

Once you have signed up to urhere, you will be ready to begin rostering. Keep an eye out in your inbox for our handy emails with tips and tricks on how to manage your new rostering software tool.

Step 2. Add Your Employees

Once you add your employees, you will be prompted to invite them to download the mobile app

This is the perfect opportunity to invite your employees to the urhere mobile app. It’s also a good time to download the app yourself and check it out 

Step 3. Build Your Roster & Check-in

Now you have employees, it's time to build a roster and download the Kiosk or QR Check-in Point

Employees have been added to the platform – you can now roster them! Once you’ve created shifts, you can check-in and out. Check out our knowledge base or in software help guide to getting started with a kiosk or QR code!

Step 4. Approve & Export your Timesheets

A completed shift creates a timesheet - Easy huh?!

Now you have completed shifts, you’ll have timesheets ready for approval. Head to the timesheets sections to approve and export them. Easy!

Rostering and Timesheets don't have to be hard.

Get rostering online quickly and easily with urhere!

No need to get caught up with expensive and complex setup’s and configuration.

For only $20 per month with a no obligation 14 day FREE trial