Designed for Today

Full-featured Time and Attendance software solutions to suit any sized business and team

Real-Time Workforce Insights

Cloud-based software and digital Time Clocks allow businesses of any size real-time insights for business management success. This ‘live’ data can be available to any supervisor or management personnel.

urhere empowers business executives to manage their spending, meet company budgets, and adjust the payroll as needed. They say time is money and urhere’s feature-packed software is a prime example of how precious time can be saved and positively affect a business’s revenue.

Standard Reporting

Leverage urhere insights to make better business decisions. The standard reports are a library of key insights, presented as a set of standard reports. Reports to help any sized business and any number of employees. Of course, they are only a snapshot with all underlying data always  available within urhere.

urhere standard reports are always refreshed with ‘real-time’ business insights. Available to view using urhere on your PC, to print or save to PDF. 

urhere is designed to connect with your existing BI tools. Allowing you to refresh workforce insights within existing business reports and/or create your custom reports to help manage your workforce.


Payroll Integration

Making the shift to urhere saves you time and admin. urhere is designed to seamlessly connect with your chosen payroll solutions. Meaning choosing urhere removes any manual process by automatically facilitating the processing of every employee’s payroll with accuracy, compliance, and delivery on time.

urhere Time Clock App auto-generates every employee’s timecards. Managers can use Timesheet Management to review individual timecards with a comparison of scheduled and actual time records, as well as the respective wage costs. The value of a cloud-based solution is management has every level of detail required, in an instant. Giving your business a greater level of control on labour costs.

When timesheets are approved they are ready for exporting to payroll. urhere is a solution for any type and size of business. Making managing any number of employees a breeze.

BI Connection

urhere can connect with your business’s existing BI tools. Arming key functional management and leadership teams with real-time workforce insights, as needed and integrated into existing reporting and analytics. 

Providing new levels of workforce insights to assist in forecasting, resource allocation, aligning staffing with customer demands, and additional tools for timely control of labour costs.