Hospitality Staff Management Solution


Create and maintain the roster to align with bookings and revenue forecasts


Balance the right team across FOH, bar, and the kitchen at the right times, more often


Manage wages with real-time visibility of labour calculations


Employee mobile app to see roster changes and update their availability


Less time on admin and more time on improving reviews

Digital Time Clock App for Hospo

Real-time attendance visibility so you know who’s on, from anywhere 

Empower managers to run their team and still have a view of your operation

Hospo-Ready Online Rostering

Create the venue’s schedule and when you’re ready share it instantly

Customise venue locations, work areas, and roles to suit your business

Save templates of your favourite shift plans to import quickly to a future week

What hospitality say about urhere?

Facing constant staff shortages using urhere ensures a ‘live’ view of who is available, accepted their planned shifts, and checked in on time (or not!). 

It gives me the confidence we can serve our customers without always needing to be on-site, to eyeball every cover and monitor my staff day and night.


When it doesn’t go as planned

Instant notifications to take action if staff call in sick, are running late or want to swap a shift

COVID tracing tools to help staff, customers, and try to keep operating somewhere close to normal. 

Hospitality Compliance and Accuracy

Automated, pay rules to accurately calculate Restaurant (and other) Awards to ensure compliance

Payroll-ready timesheets automated and ready to export to your preferred payroll software with a few clicks

Manage full-time, part-time and casual employees in one system for accuracy, compliance and record-keeping requirements