Warehousing & Distribution Workforce Management

Modern Award Interpretation

Automate, real-time calculations of any Modern Awards/Employment Agreements, using Urhere’s pay rule engine

Seamless, accurate timesheet export with a click to your preferred payroll or accounting software

Manage all employees in one platform, regardless of role and employment type from salaries to casual staff.

Online Rostering for Any Sized Team

Build the roster in minutes and share it with your staff instantly

Save any favourite schedule as a template. Allowing your to pre-build rosters aligning with seasonal fulfilment demands

Customise locations, departments, and roles to suit your facilities and operations

Digital Time Clock App 

Capture accurate time data for every shift. Avoid time theft while also meeting record-keeping requirements

Sustain production with instant visibility if any staff are late, out sick, no show. Save wages with overtime alerts

Capture COVID close contacts instantly to help staff, customers, and sustain operations


People Manage from Anywhere

Real-time attendance visibility of every facility. Know who’s working (or not) and who is on a break

Empower department managers to manage their team without losing visibility of what matters to you 

People solution for any move your business makes


Create rosters align to production, fulfilment and customer delivery timeline targets. 


A modern employee mobile app for QR check-in onsite. Offsite access to upcoming shifts and more.


Manage wages with real-time visibility of labour calculations. Take corrective action before it’s too late.

Safety First

Ensure rostered staff have the right training, licensing, and certifications required to ensure team safety


Remove the time and admin bottlenecks that are holding you back from delivering other projects

What customers say about urhere?

Our warehouse has been using a Bundy clock for years. Our bookkeeper spent hours translating time cards into the weekly payroll. Uncovering staff turning up late, missed punch times and overtime blowing our budgets – often all too late to do anything about it!

Urhere makes this key data is available to all managers in real-time. My bookkeeper and I now focus on other business growth initiatives and less on admin and paperwork to run the payroll. Our staff also quickly learned they had to be prompt and check-in before their manager received an alert and held up production.