Multi-Device Time Clock App

urhere makes signing in for work as flexibile as ever

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A check in and out solution that is safe, accurate and flexible

Digital Time Clock App

Managing employee clock-in and out times with urhere is safe, secure, and reliable. Available for Android and Apple Tablets, urhere is the modern choice for businesses of all sizes.

Online workforce management for maximum productivity

Time Clock enabled instant notifications

Cloud-connected Time Clocks deliver innovative features. Allowing businesses of any size access to real-time, people insights. The ‘live’ data can be made available to authorised supervisors and management personnel.

Insights keep managers informed to focus on their best work. Monitoring check-ins, breaks, check-outs, and absences to ensure efficient team operations. If an employee is absent, misses a shift, or signs in late, the manager can be instantly notified to take action when it counts.

Benefits of  our Time Clock App

Real-time insights and notifications to focus on your best work

Flexibility to ensure everyone checks in and out, no excuses

Track hours, breaks, absence, and paid leave

Reduce time theft with secure check-in and custom rules

Define break rules to help ensure compliance and employee health

Ability to add symptom and health surveys for check-in

Flexibility to ensure everyone checks in and out, no excuses

Timesheet Automation

urhere cloud-based Time Clock enables the automation of every employee’s timestamp into ‘payroll ready’ timesheets, instantly. Presenting timesheets, with the application of employee-specific pay rules, for managers to quickly and easily review, approve, and process.

Timesheets can be connected to the existing payroll system, to ensure accuracy, compliance, and on-time payroll processing. Timesheet data is accessible for the employee to check, manager to review and approve, and stored for HR, Finance, and record-keeping requirements.