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Join some of Australia’s best businesses that use urhere for their rostering needs

Our customers include tradies, warehouses, processing, coastguards, restaurants, marinas, cafes, health, aged care, laboratories and every business in between


A simple, yet powerful rostering platform

All the tools you need without the price tag

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Timesheets & Wages

Automated time & wage calculations

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Easy to use interface & timesaving tools

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QR & Digital Time Clocks

Solutions for all businesses and budgets

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Quick Onboarding

Hassle free employee onboarding

It only takes minutes to start rostering

With urhere, you can easily manage rosters, timesheets, wage calculation, staff attendance and availability. By using a cloud-based solution, we make the task of accessing rosters and logging timesheets easy.

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Add Your Team

It's quick and simple to add employees. We can automatically invite them to the urhere Mobile App, if you choose that option.

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Build Your Roster

Build your roster online easily with our user-friendly roster interface. Automated shift communication plus copy & paste and bulk update tools make rostering a breeze.

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It's That Easy

Staff can now check-in and their timesheets will be automatically created. Use one of our timeclock options to let your team clock in and out of their shift.

We save you time & money

Great value rostering & timesheets at $20 per month, per venue

More now than ever, business owners need to spend less time in administration and more time working on their business. That’s why we have developed a suite of tools that help make building and managing your online roster as easy as possible.


Save hours using our powerful rostering tools. Easy to navigate, easy to manage.

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Roster Templates

Save as many roster variations as you like and load them with the click of a button.

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Leave Manager

Easy leave management with leave requests, quick leave and easy to understand reporting.

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Wages & Hours

Wages and hours are automatically calculated as you roster, so you always know your spend position.

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Payroll Integration

Connect to Xero and make timesheets a 5 minute exercise and sync your employees.

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Copy & Paste

Take the hassle out of rostering by using our powerful copy and paste tools for shifts, weeks and employees.

timesheets time clocks and rostering software with free 14-day trial

We make rostering easy

Tools like copy & paste, quick leave, no show management, bulk updating and roster templates means that

Unlike other software, your roster template can be easily loaded, taking only seconds. You can also save as many templates as you need.

Timeclock solutions for all budgets

We have multiple timeclock options to suit any business. Our unique QR check-in system can save you over $1,000 in time clock set-up costs. Simply set-up in seconds, print and display. 

timeclock solutions with urhere online rostering
export wages summary with urhere online rostering

Timesheets that just make sense

Calculate Time & Wages Automatically

Timesheet hours and wages are calculated and generated automatically based on shifts and leave – meaning no double handling or manual calculation is required.

Easy Approval Process

Our user-friendly timesheet interface means that you and your management team will spend less time approving timesheets.

urhere mobile apps for online rostering

Employee & manager app

Stay up-to-date and easily manage your rosters on-the-go with the urhere Mobile App. Employees can also keep track of their shifts, check-in and out, submit leave, and a whole lot more, via the urhere Mobile App.

There's a whole lot more to see...

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Frequently asked questions

We’re always available if you would like to know more. Simply click the online chat button on the bottom right or contact our friendly team via the link below.

Still have questions?

None! Have as many employees as you like. It’s a simple flat $20 rate per venue / business.

Yes! Our employee onboarding feature is included at no extra cost.

Yes! You can connect Xero and export your timesheets at no extra cost.

Yep! Everything is included. There are no pricing tiers in urhere.

It’s easy. Simply print your unique QR code available from your roster. Employees scan it from the urhere Mobile App to check-in and out. You can read more about the QR check-in process here.

Yes. You can set employee permissions once you have added them to the platform. For multi venue customers, you can allocate management rights to individual locations.

Yes! Wages are easy to set-up and change. Wage calculations are worked out as you roster, so you have a real-time view of how much you are forecast to spend and your actual spend. Timesheets are also calculated automatically, however can be overwritten as required.

Online rostering digitises and automates Time and Attendance. It’s an alternative to traditional time clocks and timecards which require manual entry, and often manual distribution of shifts and timesheets.

A time clock is an interface that allows staff members to clock-in and out. This can be done through any device (PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone) or QR code. It provides businesses with the ability to reduce costs associated with purchasing hardware, infrastructure set-up, installation, upgrading and maintenance of dedicated hardware.

Save money by using our unique QR code time clock!

We absolutely provide support! You can catch us anytime via email, phone or support chat.

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