Payroll integration made easy

What better way to make your bookkeeper or accountant smile than to simplify your employee time and attendance records as part of the payroll integration process.

We have made it easy to connect to Xero or export to MYOB or Excel with just the click of a button.

Similar to our timesheet approval and export process, business owners can choose what details to share (and with who) in order to accurately process their employee payroll.

Easy payroll is a smart choice

Bookkeeper access

As a business owner you are the administrator of the urhere online software. You can easily set-up secure access for your bookkeeper or accountant as required.

Simplify payroll 

Connect easily to Xero or Export quickly to MYOB. Don’t need payroll integration? Export to Excel with the click of a button.

Link employee profiles

Employee records in the urhere online software are easily matched to records in your accounting platform. Our smart match function identifies and offers matching employee records for you to review and confirm.

Easy to control access

payroll integration access

Timesheet flexibility to suit your business

Flexibility where you need it

With urhere you have the power to choose how you calculate and export your timesheets. You can set wage calculations for some employees, all or none. It’s up to you, how you run your payroll. 

Export and approve in your own time

You can easily approve and export at any time. Smart export reporting allows you to easily know where you’re up to in your timesheet exports.

Payroll integration at no extra cost

Here at urhere we are all about keeping it simple. 

Our users keep telling us they love the low cost of setting up and maintaining our online rostering system. They particularly like the key software features that business owners need the most.

Payroll integration is just one of the many online rostering software features included in our low monthly cost, per venue.

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