Easy setup Employee Timeclock solution

An employee clock-in & clock-out solution for all businesses

We suit your business timeclock needs with multiple options for staff to check in and out of their shift. Our unique QR code shift check-in option means you can get started with a quick, inexpensive timeclock by simply printing out your unique Urhere QR code.

QR Code Timeclock

Cost Effective & Easy 

We understand that some businesses don’t want to put an expensive tablet on the wall or rely on the accuracy of their employee’s phone GPS. So we made it easy and inexpensive to get started by offering a QR code as a check-in & out solution.

How does QR Check-in work?

Simply download (or display on your screen) your pre-generated Urhere Timeclock QR code from your roster, and your employees can start checking in and out of their shifts using the Urhere app. 

Print & Display your QR

Access your unique Urhere QR Code from your roster

Scan to Check in & Out

Employee's use the Urhere app to scan the QR code for Check-in & Out.

Secure & Accurate

Server side time processing means no time cheating.

Digital Tablet Timeclock

Want to use a tablet or mobile device and have employees check-in similar to a bundyclock? When you sign up to Urhere, we automatically generate a digital timeclock login for your business, ready to use with the Urhere mobile app.

No Configuration Required

Log in to Urhere app using the your timeclock credentials from the roster page and your digital timeclock is ready to use.

Time Tamper Proof

No matter the time on the device, the correct time for your business location will be captured and logged against the shift.

GPS Check-in & Out​

Perfect for Trades & Businesses on the road

GPS Check-in and Out can be useful for all businesses, in particular businesses with staff on the road, or on jobs. It’s also useful for businesses who don’t want to use a QR code or Digital Timeclock but want peace of mind their employees are where they’re meant to be.

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Flexible Check-in

Whether your whole workforce works offsite or on jobs, or you have one or two employees that work off site occasionally, Urhere’s easy GPS configuration means you can allow GPS check-in and out for some shifts, all shifts, all employees or only a few!

Job Ready

GPS Check-in and Out combined with Work Areas allows you to create cost & time centres within the Urhere platform. This makes it easy to generate timesheets, reports and capture how many hours and what wages applied to each job.

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