Mobile Rosters & Shift Management

Our urhere mobile app not only helps employees and businesses manage their shifts, it allows managers and business owners to easily communicate and update their roster on the go.  

Stay up to date with the Urhere Mobile App for Managers

Owners and Managers in the Urhere platform automatically receive managers access on the mobile app. This allows you to view, edit and update all your rosters from your mobile device.

Multi Venue Support

For multi venue customers, owners will automatically have access to the Manager features for all venues via the Urhere mobile app. For managers, they will only have access to the venues they have permission to access.

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Easy to use Managers Calendar

Stay on top of changes with the Urhere mobile rostering app, by using the managers calendar to get a real-time view of your schedule and make changes on the go.

Smart Notifications

Get notified when staff request leave, miss a shift, are running late or reject an upcoming shift offer.

Employee Mobile app for easy shift management

With the Urhere Employee Mobile app, there is no need to send out a spreadsheet, email or chase down employees to see if they can work a shift. Simply roster your shifts and Urhere will notify your employees direct to their phone. 

Leave Requests

If you allow, employees can send leave requests for action via the Urhere mobile app. The Urhere rostering software will automatically keep your employees updated on the progress of their leave request.


Shift Acceptance

Employees have an easy to use calendar view of all their upcoming and previous shifts. When a new shift is added, if you allow, employees can accept or reject their shifts. If you prefer, you can simply set your shifts to confirmed to avoid shift acceptance.

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Easy Onboarding

When you add an employee to Urhere, we’ll send them a helpful email on your behalf inviting them to use the the Urhere app. Your employees will be asked to set their own password and login to the app. This means you don’t have to organise logins and communicate passwords with your team.

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