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Workforce Management during labour shortages

I’m sure you’ve heard ‘finders keepers’ either in the schoolyard or in nursery rhymes. Its origins tie back to ancient Roman Law, where if you were to find something it was now yours, legally.

So what has finders keepers got to do with urhere? Simplifying the managing of your staff? Read on to find out…………

Hiring Now

If you visit your local shops or jump into the crowds of pre-Christmas shopping at the mall, you will notice one consistent point-of-sale message in nearly every window. “Now Hiring”, “Staff Wanted”, and “Immediate Start, apply within” messages.

Stories across the media and please from industry leaders confirm labour shortages are a market-wide issue. Governments are aware and trying to take action to help. None of the actions will result in a quick fix. Like living with COVID, businesses will need to find a way to operate and win employees with a staff shortage.

At urhere, we’ve been discussing how we can help with the staff shortages? We have a few ideas in the pipeline (watch this space). For now, the initial focus needs to be taking action to keep every staff member, calling finders keepers’.

Technology can help play a key role in winning and retaining staff. Aside from helping you manage your venue. Your chosen business solutions and systems differentiate your staff (and customer) experience. It may just be a reason for an applicant to join your team or an existing staff member to not move. Here is how an online rostering platform, our other HRTech tools can help you call ‘finders keepers’ more often.


The first impression for all your staff of your business is the recruitment process. Make an awesome impression by making it easy for you and all potential candidates. 

Online tools are available that aggregate applications from across various platforms. Presenting all applicants in one easy to navigate interface. Allowing you to quickly review their applications, including responses to a set of screening questions and surveys. These tools also have the ability to manage key certifications for the job, for example RSA, so you can spend more time asking questions about them – not checking licenses.

Regardless of whether the candidate found your job posting on Seek, Indeed, your Facebook page or a WhatsApp from an existing employee you can manage them all the same way. Saving you time managing all your ads and responses on different platforms. This will enable you to appoint suitable staff quickly and before they get another offer! Even if they do, showcase how your run your operation and value staff for the role they play in its success> This may separate you and mean they only accept your offer. 

Seek talent referrals

Your local area and communities are a great source of talent. Ask your existing staff and network for staff referrals. Getting your ‘vacancy’ sign visible to a wider audience through the unique ways we’ve all found to connect in a digital world to our community.

I recently saw a job opening ad on our local school Facebook page, within hours there were parents asking questions on behalf of their teenage kids about the job. Not sure the venue landed their recruit via this channel but they now have a connection to a new community for all future job openings.

The recruitment aggregator means whatever referrals and closed community communication is happening will all feed into the same tool for you to take action. 


Onboarding provides another opportunity to simplify, automate and differentiate you as an employer. Leveraging a solution will help ensure everyone has the same onboarding experience. Empowering them with communication before and after they join.

Automation can help distribute customised letters of offer, a post sign up welcome email as well as provide an interface to submit or provide information like bank accounts, superannuation details, certification and other information. 

This onboarding process can also formalise the requirements of the employee. Ensuring they have access to read and abide by your workplace policies. These could be policies relating to mobile phones, customer service, availability and dress code requirements. 

Roster aligned to staff 

Staff have various drivers for work. Leveraging an online rostering platform will allow you to understand the employees perspective on what days, times and how many hours a week they would like to work. Whilst you may not be able to meet everyone’s expectations, aligning the allocated shifts closely to these expectations will also differentiate you from other employees. After all, employees who want to work Sat only and a minimum of 4 hours will be hard to retain if you roster them on every Tuesday for 2 hours! 

Spread the love 

We all have our favourites in life. To run a successful business rosters are best built around your best staff. Those multi-skilled experienced members of your team can cover gaps, train staff and lead the team through the chaos. 

Where the roster is filled out using casual staff spread the love. Providing the most staff with the opportunity to work hours each week and if it fits, different trading environments and with different team members. Employees who see their colleagues as a family will be less likely to take off for another job. 

Leverage online rostering solutions to engage across the team and communicate wins, issues or customer matters. A communication tool that is easy to use will deliver you more insights into the operation, menu and roster. As well as allow action to be taken quickly where something needs to be fixed.  

Ensure accurate pay and entitlements

The staff shortages climate allows employees to also be more selective based on the entitlements an employer offers. Leveraging an online rostering platform with a modern pay rule engine will increase your employees getting accurately rewarded for their contributions. 

Like recruitment, an employee who doesn’t feel they are getting the right entitlements on accurate pay will also share that within their community. Which could impact you finding staff when needed.  

Make it easy for staff when they are on the go

Given the choices, staff have on where to work. Give your staff the tools to simplify their working life. Deliver easy-to-use tools that provide access to information while they are on the go and living life outside of work. Empower your staff with the tools to take action. Allow them to update the system with their RSA renewal. It will save you and their time and avoid the having to ask – how do we……….? 

Modern online rostering solutions can ensure staff know when they are working. Also, define when they are not available to work. They can also provide access to payslips, additional shifts that other staff want to swap and the necessities of checking in and out for a shift. If employees feel like it is easy, with everything available on their mobile phone, that may be a reason to keep this job. 

Jayde Sinclair

Jayde Sinclair

Jayde is a 20-year small business expert with a background in retail, hospitality and commerce.