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No better time

Starting can be the hardest part of tackling a task, a new project, or a diet. Whatever you want to tackle in 2022, there is no better time to start than right now!

For businesses managing staff, now is the time to manage your employees with a digital online solution. So why is there no better time than now?

It is easier than ever to move from paper rosters to online rostering

Signing up and getting started is three steps and takes seconds.

Now you’re in, building next week’s schedule will only take a few more minutes. When you’re done, this is where going online makes more sense.

Now you can share it with all shifted employees instantly via the urhere mobile app. You’ll see staff confirm their shifts in real-time. Then, if changes are required, it is as easy as copying and pasting.

You can also make smarter decisions with an instant view of hours and wages.

Your existing and potential employees are ‘app’ ready

99% of Australian 18 to 49-year-olds have a smartphone. Using apps on our smartphones has become second nature. Providing your employees (and potential staff) access via an App to their roster, setting availability, confirming their shifts, and reminders on upcoming shifts make work easy. Making work easy will help you attract staff with tools that help them organise their lives. You can roster knowing when and how many hours your employees want to work. Also, have instant access to ensure you know if they have an exam next Tuesday.

Digital time clocks capture staff movements instantly, accurately, and securely.

There is no better time than the accuracy of an online digital clock. It means capturing your staff’s start, break and finish times is instant, secure, and accurate every time. Staff interacts by scanning a QR code with their mobile or entering their unique PIN on the time clock (eKiosk).

A digital time clock does more than capture time records. It enables instant communication when someone checks in, is late or has completed their shift. So you can keep track of who’s on and off from anywhere.

This instant, centralised data means timesheets are auto-generated after every completed shift – ready for you to review approve to complete the payroll.

Your time is more precious than ever.

Online rostering makes managing staff easy. But, it is ultimately about giving you more time back. Diverting the hours traditionally spent on administration and other rostering processes. Allowing you to invest more time growing your business, with customers or for yourself.

How much time could you save? Building the roster in minutes and sharing it with staff instantly? Rostering with a view of your employee’s availability? Spending less time managing requests to swap, change shift or take leave? Converting paper timesheets into meaningful, payroll-ready data?

Jayde Sinclair

Jayde Sinclair

Jayde is a 20-year small business expert with a background in retail, hospitality and commerce.