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Save your precious time: Roster using a view of staff availability.

The weekly task of completing the roster is done. You share it as you normally do. Putting it on the wall, saving it to Google Drive, or posting it on the group Facebook page. You quickly find the roster is far from done. The messages and phone calls start with staff requests for changes, swaps, or news that your best staff aren’t available due to a funeral. There must be a better way?

Yes, there is! Using an online rostering solution can significantly reduce the time you spend building the roster plus avoid the churn of work until all shifts are ‘confirmed’. Here are just a few benefits of using online rostering.

Firstly, a workforce management solution enables staff to set their availability. Employees can also do this from anywhere using their mobile app or a web log-in. Then setting themselves what days, times, and how many hours they can be available to work. If an urgent dentist appointment is required, an employee can also quickly add a window of unavailability. The benefit for you is now you’re rostering with visibility of when your staff can work (or not). You significantly reduce the churn, messages, and additional phone calls from staff. Instead, give focus to another matter to drive your business growth.

Secondly, after completing the roster with consideration of availability. You can share it instantly enabling staff to see all their shifts on their mobile phone. The employee mobile app can also deliver reminders of upcoming shifts. The App can also send notifications if they’re running late or maybe just forgot to check-in. Again the benefit for you is saving time, fewer phone calls (in and out) and confidence with a click of a button your planned roster is now a confirmed set of staff to have a great week.

Finally, finding staff remains a challenge across many locations, industries, and businesses. Staff shortages, driven by COVID cases in many states are amplifying the challenges. Online rostering will also help navigate the challenge and make you an employee of choice. Demonstrating your rosters consider when staff are available, how many hours a week they want to work. The benefit for you is current and potential staff will see your business as an employee of choice that uses modern tools to help staff.

Jayde Sinclair

Jayde Sinclair

Jayde is a 20-year small business expert with a background in retail, hospitality and commerce.