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Simplifying the payroll process starts at the roster

Some people work for the love of it. Some turn up for the pay. Others because they just like working for you! Whatever the motivation undertaking the payment of staff for their work is a regular, business-critical activity for every organisation. The connection and automation of payroll to account platforms has been a revolution. Solution providers like Xero, Quickbooks, and MYOB have been embraced by many businesses helping to cut time out of the financial end of the business and add other value to operators.

The process of paying people for work starts well before reconciling costs centre allocations and processing payments to individuals’ bank accounts. It begins with a shift of work, at this is where online scheduling can drive further automation, simplification, and then connect additional people data to your payroll and account platforms.

The payroll process commences with an employee’s shift, measurement of the hours worked and accurately converting these hours using the employee’s entitlements. Online rostering, time clocks and timesheets are a great extension of payroll and accounting technology solutions. Saving your business more time, administration and offering additional value to your people operation.  

An online rostering platform can instantly, simplify the data collection across multi-locations, work areas, and roles. Aggregating into one central platform for managers to access any combination of views. Combined with a digital time clock the platform can also generate payroll-ready timesheets, with unique codes that can connect into payroll or account platforms. Allowing managers to review and approve timesheets, from anywhere, at any frequency. This avoids the process of processing every shift’s data for a pay period all at once! or putting payroll under pressure with delays to approvals or missing data for just a few employees shifts. Online rostering could easily facilitate daily payroll – not that cash flow and finance managers would necessarily support.

A modern workforce management solution can also send notifications to managers (automatically) to approve timesheets to accommodate payroll process deadlines. That alone could save your payroll team the stress, phone calls, and emails chasing down south districts approvals because someone is on annual leave.

Payroll-ready timesheets mean the digital time clock data can instantly covert check-in, break, and check-out times into a timesheet that has already applied all the respective pay rules, summarised ordinary, non-ordinary hours, wages and with the respective accounting ID’s that means after a review and approval integrate with payroll and accounting software without manual work, calculations or risk of errors.

If you are using a payroll and account platform (or even if you aren’t) your business can benefit from the automation, accuracy, simplification that online rostering can deliver for your payroll process. Now is the time to make your business more efficient.

Jayde Sinclair

Jayde Sinclair

Jayde is a 20-year small business expert with a background in retail, hospitality and commerce.